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Working at the VS120

Laboratory Facilities

Here, an overview of the laboratory facilities of the Department of Craniofacial Developmental Biology is provided.

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3D-Reconstructions from Histological Serial Sections

3D-reconstruktion of a human fetal mandible, produced with the software Analysis by SIS, Münster,  Germany.

Further information, please see list of publications.

From: RADLANSKI, R.J., RENZ, H., TSENGELSAIKHAN, N., SCHUSTER, F., ZIMMERMANN, C.A.: The remodeling pattern of human mandibular alveolar bone during prenatal formation from 19 to 270 mm CRL. Annals of Anatomy 205 (2016) 65-74.

Histological Laboratory

Working in the histology laboratory
Working in the histology laboratory. Photo: Prof. Radlanski

Embedding, sectioning (esp. serial sections) and staining of soft and hard tissues of the orofacial region.

For references see List of publications


Processing of 3D data sets of the craniofacial morphogenesis from μCT and μMRT.

For references see List of publications