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Prof. Radlanski is viewing embryonic serial sections . These are placed on display panels in two rows.

Topics of Research

The following pages display examples of research topics dealing with craniofacial microstructural analysis and morphogenesis.



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Main topics of research of the Department of Craniofacial Developmental Biology

Two postgraduate students in front of a whiteboard, presenting their 3D-results.
Two postgraduate students presenting their 3D-results. Photo: Prof. Radlanski
Morphometry of µCT images.In the foreground a single photo is taken.
Morphometry of µCT images. Photo: Prof. Radlanski
Comparison of histology and µCT images.
Comparison of histology and µCT images. Photo: Prof. Radlanski

The main topic of research of the department is craniofacial morphogenesis.

In co-operation with the 3D-Laboratory of the Technische Universität Berlin (Prof. Dr. H. Schwandt and J. Weinhold) and the Oral Biological Technology of the University of Bonn (Prof. Dr. C. Bourauel) high-resolution micro-CT-images are presented human prenatal head development of hard and soft tissues.

In cooperation with the Institute for Medical Biotechnology of the Technische Universität Berlin (Prof. Dr. R. Lauster, Dr. J. Rosowski), basic processes in the field of tooth development are processed.

Currently, in cooperation with Prof. Mark Hill, School of Medical Sciences, UNSW Sydney  Australia, the embryonic and fetal series of sections (Radlanski Collection), consisting of approx. 50,000 individual sections, are digitized and put on the Internet.

The results of three decades of craniomorphogenesis research, to which more than fifty doctoral students have contributed, are analyzed in the overall picture and compiled in the form of a comprehensive picture book. (Insert photo?)


Publications of the Department of Craniofacial Developmental Biology until present.

Craniofacial Morphogenesis

In order to illustrate the development of the human craniofacial region, the department produces computer-aided 3D-reconstructions, basing on histological serial sections. Furthermore, it is concerned with multimodal imaging (ultrasound, µ-MRT, µ-CT, 3D-reconstructions) of human fetuses. In these fields, it cooperates with the 3D laboratory of Technische Universität Berlin, Prof. Dr. Hartmut Schwandt and Mr. Joachim Weinhold, and with the head of the Department of Oral Medical Technology at the University of Bonn, Prof. Dr. Christoph Bourauel.